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Oct 24 2014

Operation and Business Models in China


Flo.China.Business and Ops Models

 This interview is with Florence Chua, Director, Association Management and Consulting, MCI China during the 2014 ASAE Annual Conference in Nashville.  It is run in two parts as we discuss methods for establishing successful businesses in China.

Florence refers to the 2014 ASAE MCI study on Achieving Global Growth Study here.

Sep 02 2014

Selling in Europe – interview with Murat Dogru at ASAE Nashville

Murat Podcast

 Video Interview of Growing a European Training Business

Following their excellent session delivered at ASAE’s Annual Meeting by Jackie Oppenheim and Murat Dogru, we caught up with Murat to explore some of the aspects of their presentation more deeply.  As they presented in Nashville, ASME Europe training and development has grown by 30% CAGR over the last 5 years with 1800+ paid participants.

Part 1 Interview

When ASME decided to offer its successful training courses in Europe, multiple challenges had to be overcome. Part 1 of our interview covers such factors as:
  • What does the ASME professional development business look like in Europe today?
  • Are the training opportunities open enrollment mostly or do they also involve corporate learning?
  • How long has ASME been running these programs? How did they get started? How have the programs evolved over time?
  • What lessons did ASME learn from studying the market? For example, did it change ASME’s understanding of which markets might be more successful than others?
  • How did ASME need to customize its offerings to be successful in Europe?
  • How does the sales process differ from selling to, for example, an individual engineer who might be a member of ASME in Europe versus selling corporate learning where that person will probably be a decision maker but not necessarily the person attending the programs you’re selling to the company?
  • What kind of barriers should associations avoid that can reduce the impact of successfully selling and marketing products and services in Europe?
  • From a marketing and sales of training programs, how would you approach an Italian company versus a Scandinavian country differently?
  • Are the marketing tactics different depending on what Germans or Italians might prefer, or even what might be permitted from country to country?


Part 2 Interview

In the final segment, Murat offers further insights into building a successful business in Europe.
  • What kind of local staffing is required to drive such a business and grow it as ASME has?
  • What would you recommend to U.S. association executives that are interested in improving the marketing and selling of education products in Europe?

Jul 31 2014

Six Factors Supporting Global Expansion

asae2014 fdn research session
















What drives strategic global growth for associations?

That’s what the ASAE Foundation and MCI sought to find out in the first phase of a multi-year research initiative to study associations’ global operations and strategy. The research identified six key factors for proactive global growth.

Nikki Walker of MCI will be joined by Kevin Mayeux of Institute of Internal Auditors, Janice LaChance of Special Libraries Association, and Sharon Moss of ASAE Foundation.

They share will share:

  1. Key results from from study
  2. How associations are delivering on the six principal success factors
  3. What tools and resources they use to explore and cultivate emerging global markets
  4. Lessons they have learned through their journey


This session will be held in room 107AB at the Music City Center on Sunday, August 10th from 330-430pm.

A copy of the study results will be available at the MCI booth 1635. Nikki Walker can share her insights with you as well.




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