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On Demand Webinar – American Engagement Index 2017: Getting More ROI from Engagement through Stronger Relationships


For two years, 20 associations have participated in the first ever benchmark indices designed to better understand how relationship strength affects the ability to improve engagement with members and customers through empirical data.

Thousands of members and customers from US and overseas responded as we sought to answer:

  1. How strong is the current relationship with members and customers?
  2. What is impacting for good or bad the quality of these relationships?
  3. What resources deliver the most value and impact engagement the most?
  4. How relevant is the value proposition to the needs of members and customers?
  5. What levels of engagement are there and how do members and customers fit into this model?

A recent webinar now provides a unique way to learn about the results of the 2017 Index and the thinking that it has inspired among the associations participating.  Hear from executives whose associations were part of the 2016 and 2017 benchmark studies.

Marc Beebe, CAE, Senior Director, Strategic Research, Public Imperatives, & Corporate   Development, IEEE   

Michael Gips, Chief Global Knowledge & Learning Officer, CAE, Chief Global Member Engagement Officer, ASIS International

Also participating was Jakov Cavar the managing director of FairControl, the research firm who partners with MCI to deliver the Engagement Index.

This on demand webinar will share and contrast the latest findings of the American and Global Engagement Indices illustrating how domestic and overseas customers and members view the effectiveness of US associations, and how associations use this data to inform and change strategy and operational planning.


To view this webinar, please follow this link.