Building Channels for Partnerships, Sponsorships and Local Business Development

Forming strong regional networks for sourcing funding, access to new markets, or delivery of services requires the ability to size a market and identify potential channel partners who match your own needs and competency profile.

Today, more so than ever before, organizations are building their communities outside of North America not only in one region but several. Conducting a global assessment on potential channel players can support your needs in a given region can help you build a presence faster and deliver services better.

Strong channel management can ensure faster and more effective deployment of products and services, better IP protection, lower risks, reduce costs of sale, and improve access to capital.

In this section, we shall see how:

  • Sponsor solicitation of event sponsorships surpassed client expectations netting 734,000 USD
  • Customized partnership marketing program used a database of 1300 contacts to return 4 million USD in sponsorships over 4 years
  • Database marketing and sponsorship sales program raised 50% of the “start up” funding needed to launch a new organization in six months
  • Local sales effort used to fund office opening attained 450% ROI

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