Ten year estimate of relative growth of international meeting attendance 1996-2006

Source: ICCA

According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA),  the estimated total number of participants  in 2006 was an all-time high of over 4 million participants spending an average of 4 days and paying an average registration fee per delegate of $505 or an increase from 2005’s fee per delegate of $478.

Have you noticed a growing number of non-US professionals….

…. attending your meetings?

….submitting abstracts to your review committees?

….getting published in your publications?

Have you noticed that even your US-based meetings are beginning to feel more like an international event due to the size of the international participation?

You aren’t alone. Today, you almost need to plan events as if you were planing them in Europe or Asia. And these trends can be expected to continue as professionals from Asia and the Middle East continue to grow in number alongside their European counterparts.

In this section, we shall focus on ways to grow your international meeting business from event strategy to marketing and promotion to communication and program development to hospitality and logistics management.

We’ll visit different regions of the world to see how associations are building and sustaining a growing meeting business while promoting measurable brand awareness. In future posts we shall see how:

  • A comprehensive event marketing strategy and campaign has grown attendance from 5000 to 12000 in five years while increasing sponsorships
  • An event brand strategy and promotion plan that grew attendance and profits via a direct marketing campaign to 35,000 people to return a 30% attendance growth while contributing a 90% budget surplus
  • A new event concept for the exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners drove new clinical practices and directed new research while meeting budget
  • A new regional event strategy attracts 1700 paid attendees


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