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Historically, most US associations with a desire to increase their international membership design, develop and distribute their promotion and communication collateral from the US. Why? Because the international aspect of selling into a region has been secondary to their US audience. But times are changing as opportunities in the US appear less viable.

In many ways, it’s almost surprising how these international members and customers learned how to join or buy from US assocaitions in the first place when the communication and promotion strategy, campaigns and collateral are more appropriate for Paris, Texas than for someone from Paris, France.  Despite the barriers they still came.  Imagine if we made it easier for them?

key aspect of building and sustaining a global growth strategy is to communicate in a way that respects language, style and culture in different regions.

With these materials going to all regions of the world, US associations need to understand how these materials are perceived and how they can be improved to better meet the expectations of a global community.

The question to start with is the same as here in Des Moines. What do people need? What keeps them up at night? What do they expect if they buy from you?

What outcomes do they want from that experience? Look at this old quote to understand this question better.

Let’s reflect on this thought from US marketing guru Theodore Levitt.

At its very basic, granular level, any product or service that effectively delivers on the customer/member expectation can stimulate growth in 1) sales, 2) participation, 3) brand identity, and 4) word of mouth.

The important point to remember is that whatever business you run, your success is all about fulfilling the outcomes of your target audience.

In this section, we shall examine practical methods used to develop both strategy, campaigns, and collateral that drives results in different regions of the world. You’ll see how:

  • Electronic newsletter success spins off to other regions promotes local chapter/component activities and local services
  • Electronic publications increase readership from 900 to 3000 in three months after launch
  • Regional communication strategy builds closer community among members via integrated communication promoting member value
  • Regional, national business media strategy (Europe’s 500) – Europe promotes BusinessWeek brand and local entrepreneurs to millions
  • Global communication strategy helps medical association redesign promotions to address needs in Europe, Middle East, and Latin America

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