Jun 27 2014

New ASAE Study Shows Commitment to Global Returns 10x the Value

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In June, the ASAE Foundation and MCI released the results of the first year of a five year study to examine how associations are operating internationally at the ASAE Global Symposium in Washington, D.C.

As the initial data were analyzed, it was determined that certain strategies led to greater success in implementation of global operations. The associations that demonstrate growth in this report are stimulating and meeting demand for service from international customers and members in significantly different ways than those who have experienced stagnation or decline in membership and/or revenue from abroad.

Working together, The ASAE Foundation and MCI will deliver further reports during this multi-year, multi-phase research initiative to study these strategies and gain a better understanding of U.S. associations’ global strategic approach and operating environment.  A  white paper, the first report in the study series, is available from ASAE Foundation website and presents a detailed conversation about what growing U.S. associations are doing abroad to implement and sustain global operation.

The goal of the project is to provide the association community with the tools and resources needed to effectively explore and cultivate business ventures in emerging markets around the world. Specifically, it will enable association executives to use data-based information to maximize their decisions about effective strategies and tactics for enhancing their associations’ international growth and brand awareness in key regional markets.

In this podcast interview, Nikki Walker, MCI’s vice president, association management and consulting, offers insights into the findings.


Nikki ASAE Study Interview

 To view the podcast, click on the image.



[important]To obtain a copy of the report and the accompanying infographics please following this link.  [/important]

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Peter Turner

As MCI's Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy, I help associations build and execute global growth strategies. Over the past 30 years I have served three associations (ASAE, MPI and IEEE Computer Society) as a leader of business, product and partnership development.

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