May 08 2013

What’s All This about Emerging Markets?

Join MCI & A Panel of Association Execs from ACP, MDRT, PMI, and SLAS

on May 16th for a three hour deep dive on recent trends and effective management practices for growing business in emerging markets.

Deep Dive Exploration: Navigating the Emerging Markets

Thursday, May 16, 2013 8:00 AM – 10:45 AM; ASAE International Conference @ DC Convention Center

The rise of Asia is nothing new. Prior to 1830, China and India were the largest economies in the world thanks to the trade in spices, textiles and precious metals. Fast forward to 2001, the year that has become the West’s 1830 when the emerging markets overtook Western economies in economic growth. Estimates are that China and India will retake the lead as the largest world economies by 2040. According to the World Bank, by 2030 emerging markets will contribute two-thirds of global growth and half of global output and will be the main destinations of world trade.

With more and more associations looking at emerging international markets as drivers of growth, what are some of the areas that an association needs to review and research before launching operations in these emerging market countries like Brazil, China, India, Middle East and North Africa. In this session you will explore how to sustain growth through market intelligence, customer reach, and determining the right business and operational models. Hear first hand lessons learned from the American College of Physicians` first expansion efforts in India.

And tap into the collective knowledge of experienced executives representing multiple associations with emerging markets strategies in different stages of maturity will share their experience in defining their growth strategy for key emerging markets through deploying market research, business plans to determine their local operations model as well as some of the changes that the association have made in their offerings and processes to make them relevant to the different markets. Walk away armed with the information you need to move your association in the right direction in these emerging market countries.

  • Eryn Carter, Director, Global Markets, Million Dollar Round Table, Park Ridge, IL
  • Florence Chua, Director, Association Management and Consulting, MCI China, Beijing
  • Greg Dummer, CEO, Society of Laboratory Automation & Screening
  • Tarnbir Kaur, Director, Association Management and Consulting, MCI Group- MENA and India
  • James Ott, SVP, International Programs, American College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA
  • Brantlee Underhill, Director, Membership and Communities, Project Management Institute, Newtown Square, PA
  • Gina Van Dijk, Deputy Director, MCI Brasil, Brussels
  • Nikki Walker, Global Vice President, Association Management and Consulting, MCI Group

We hope to see you next week.

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Peter Turner

As MCI's Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy, I help associations build and execute global growth strategies. Over the past 30 years I have served three associations (ASAE, MPI and IEEE Computer Society) as a leader of business, product and partnership development.

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