Feb 09 2012

Revenue Streams Building Profitable Enterprises – AAO

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has developed a product series that has been credited with sustaining retention and increasing new membership while delivering new revenue streams through the digital capture, marketing, and dissemination of its meeting programs.

Over the past four years, this AAO program has delivered new forms of revenue by leveraging and repurposing existing program content.  Together with their partner Blue Sky Broadcast, AAO has a turnkey system that permits them the flexibility to change how they are using the captured content as members’ needs change.

  • AAO has found unique new ways for its members to use the archived convention content by encouraging AAO members to run their own luncheon training sessions for their staff using the content archive from the convenience of their office.
  • Another method found to add value is by bundling a free subscription to the content archive with membership.
  • AAO can offer various delivery channel options to members.  They can access online streaming content on demand or order DVD’s by mail for those who prefer the flexibility of accessing content without an Internet connection.

The convenience these products have further extended their value through increased CEU attainment with the anytime, anyplace accessibility of portfolio of content available to members and their staff each year.

It is important to note that AAO’s operations model doesn’t stop at content capture and archiving on their website but also focuses on marketing and sales to better ensure customer awareness and product sales from their live webinars and online access and/or DVDs of their annual and winter meetings.

Beyond improvements in membership growth, results so far offer real bottom line results:  distance learning revenue from webinars has been profitable and a sales program for DVD-ROM sales has realized growth from 2010 to 2011.   ROI has steadily increased over the past three years.

In the future, as AAO seeks to pursue global content dissemination they will be able to use this foundation to expand sales to regions outside the US market.  Specific member programs can be designed for international members who seek the kind of education that AAO offers.  To drive such growth in regional markets, a local partner to drive local sales and promotion as well as arrange for translation will be important.  Often new corporate on institutional clients are willing to cover such costs so long as the content is locally relevant and “generally accepted” in the profession.



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