May 04 2012

India and China Market Opportunities Highlighted at ASAE International Conference 2012





Two popular sessions focusing on the market potential of India and China drew large audiences of association executives this week at the ASAE International Conference 2012 in Washington DC.  Two of MCI’s senior consultants who live and work in these markets were on hand to present a first hand look at the dynamics and what is needed to succeed as these countries try to close the skills gap needed to compete in a 21st century global marketplace.


Tarnbir Kaur, MENA & India Director- Association Management & Consulting, MCI Dubai & Mumbai Offices presented a session entitled “Land of Opportunity and Challenge: Build and Expand Business in India”  spoke how India will soon surpass China to become the largest and youngest market for US association training and education in the next 10-15 years.

Associations considering this emerging market will first need to understand the opportunities and business environment as well as learn the fiscal and legal regulations governing US associations operating in India.  Her presentation offered a concise overview of the market potential, the key initial steps one should take and the biggest challenges to be expected as you expand into India.

Following her session, Tarnbir was interviewed capturing some of the key aspects of her presentation.
Here is her presentation deck.


Maria Tong, Senior Account Director, AM&C, MCI China, MCI Group presented a session entitled “Working with the Chinese Government: Pathways to Gaining Market Access & Building Demand.”  Maria shared that Chinese authorities are an essential stakeholder for association success as they determine the volume of success you can achieve based on how they support or restrict your efforts.

One needs to discover the key government agencies in China, their purpose, and why they may be a good partner. She urged the audience to identify what is of foremost interest to the government to continue its growth and development in order to adjust your engagement strategy.

Maria shared more of her thoughts and recommendations from her session in this post session interview.
To view her entire presentation, find it here.

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