Enterprise Level Product Management & Sales in Europe

18 03 2009

Selling products and services in a mature market like Europe is a difficult proposition, but the American Society of Mechanical Engineers has deployed a market-centric approach to adapting its product portfolio to European mechanical engineers with promising results.

ASME is known for the 500+ codes and standards it develops and maintains covering many technical areas.  These codes and standards are constantly evolving in order to continue to meet the needs of stakeholders, industries and governments from around the world.   This effort extends beyond development and maintenance to include their promotion of their existence and proper use as well as the participation of stakeholders in the process.

Additionally, ASME is equally committed to training and education through its Continuing Education Institute and recently launched a European strategy to open its products in Europe in 2008.  ASME’s European public courses offered technical trainings based on ASME’s most recognized and widely-used Codes and Standards, including Pressure Vessels (Section VIII, Section V), Welding (Section IX), Nuclear (Section III, Section XI), and Piping (B 31.1, B 31.3, B 31.8).  Engineering management courses addressed common areas of responsibility for current and future managers.

The key challenge to open the market rested on two fundamental points:

How to develop a process to assess and identify the educational needs and expectations of European engineers, in terms of content, format, and marketing?

How to design and implement a targeted European marketing campaign including brochures, emails, and partnerships with related organizations?

The ASME European staff conducted a product assessment with customers in the European market in order to appreciate their needs, expectations and desired outcomes from an ASME education experience.   A series of qualitative interviews and follow up online quantitative surveys helped to identify opportunities to customize the ASME product portfolio.  Also the study identified potential markets and countries where courses could be held, the types of course content and levels desired, and course format and pricing models desired.

With a product portfolio adapted to European tastes, the team launched a marketing campaign that included the creation of a new brand identity to position ASME Europe as the platform for engineering continuing education in the region.

Product prototypes are run in 2008 with promising results.

ASME Europe management courses received support from several European engineering societies.

ALITUR: Associazione dei Laureati in Ingegneria di Tor Vergata, Università di Roma ALITUR: Associazione dei Laureati in Ingegneria di Tor Vergata, Università di Roma
BSMEE: Belgian Society of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering BSMEE: Belgian Society of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering
Coordinamento Meccanica Coordinamento Mecanica
DMS Danish Society of Mechanical Engineers
fabi FABI La Maison de l’Ingénieur
SNE: Spanish Nuclear Society SNE: Spanish Nuclear Society

Over  80 engineers attended the first two ASME CEI European course offerings  generating 120.000 € revenues (+160,000 USD).

The marketing campaign helped raise awareness about ASME and CEI courses within the European region.

Feedback from participants and instructors was extremely positive which has helped build up the next ASME Europe Education offering that is slated for 2009.




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