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Customer Research Education Panel at CESSE 2011 Uses Virtual KOL Technology

Many CESSE members have asked for more information on how associations can use market and customer research to enhance member value and performance of their education product portfolio outside the US market.  Specifically, they asked:

  • What is the role of market and customer research in a successful product strategy?
  • What works best when performing face-to-face member and customer product assessments to help you identify gaps in perceived customer value that can impact design, production, distribution or promotion?

Peter Turner from MCI organized a distinguished panel of researchers who either serve or work in engineering societies representing different size businesses.  Presenting first-person accounts included:  Jodie Slaughter from McKinley Advisors (representing her client the American Ceramics Society), Jackie Oppenheim and Russ Raman from ASME, and Marc Beebe from IEEE.

Jackie, Russ, and Marc presented from their HQ’s on the East coast via the online content production company Blue Sky Broadcast.  Peter and Jodie presented from the session room at the Hyatt Vancouver and the audience camera captured questions from the audience.

You can watch the entire video and audio broadcast of the session.  To view the archived session, please follow this link.

We are also happy to provide the slides from this session too.


Building Cross-Cultural Competence Key to Success Abroad

MCI’s Group Director of Global Learning & Development Avinash Chandarana was the this year’s keynote speaker at the CESSE 2011 in Vancouver.   Over 500 people attended last Wednesday morning, and we are pleased to share with you a follow up interview with Avinash via videocast produced by KiKi L’Italien of DelCor.  Avinash’s CESSE keynote discussed the need for awareness of cultural differences and the development of cross cultural competence as a prerequisite for business success.

  • How many associations have the cultural insights, competencies and capabilities to successfully manage cross-cultural business interactions?
  • What are the pitfalls if you assume that trust is approached in the same way in Asia as it is in Europe or in South America?
  • How does a lack in global perspective impact your association’s relationships, decision-making and membership development at international level?

Also, below are the slides from his presentation following KiKi’s interview.   FYI, some occasional speed issues from the Hyatt Vancouver’s internet connection, but otherwise doesnt hurt it.

Slides of Avinash’s presentation can be found here.


MCI Launches Grow Globally On Demand Webinar Series

MCI has teamed up with Blue Sky Broadcast to offer associations a turnkey approach to open and expand access of their conference content to international markets using the Internet to broadcast remote or standalone conferences.  As an example of Blue Sky’s capabilities, MCI and Blue Sky have developed a series of presentations by some of MCI’s lead consultants from around the world addressing topics that associations need to know when moving into an international market. The webinars are 30 minutes each and accessible anytime.  Below is the list of current presentations:

  1. Selling International Initiatives to Boards and Management: Building a Business Case, by Nikki Walker, MCI Global VP, Association Management & Consulting Practice
  2. Public Affairs as a Tool to Gain Market Access or Build Demand outside Your Home Market, by Fred Soudain, MCI Global Director Public Affairs
  3. Getting More Out of Your International Meetings, by Ajay Bhojwani, Association Management & Consulting Director, MCI Middle East/India
  4. Tailoring Your International Product or Membership Offerings to Local Customer Needs, by Jeroen van Liempd, Association Management & Consulting Director & Global Engineering Practice Leader, MCI Europe
  5. Locally Relevant Marketing and Communication to Build Your Brand & Enhance Member/Customer Value across Country Markets, by Florence Chua, Association Management & Consulting Director, MCI China
  6. Market & Partner Analysis Combined with Study Missions to Quantify Your Potential among Prospective Customers, by Gina van Dijk, Association Management & Consulting Director, MCI Brazil
  7. Delivering Customer and Membership Experiences to Asian Cultures, by Chester Chu, Association Management & Consulting Director, MCI Singapore

Some of these webinars will welcome Phil Forte, President, Blue Sky Broadcast, to contribute to sessions on conferences and public affairs as he explores how technology can help associations create new online distribution channels to regional markets.

For more information and TO REGISTER to view webcasts, visit 

or contact Peter Turner, Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy, MCI Group ([email protected])

or Theresa DeConinck, External Relations Director, US Markets ([email protected]).






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