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MeetingsNet Seminar Slides Nov. 18 on International Meetings

Among the 160 who attended thanks for your interest.  For convenience, I post the slides for your review at the end of this post.  But first, as promised here are the macro regional strategy resources you can use to help build your regional analysis (PEST).   I think I forgot to mention the third one which is Transparency International who issues great data on countries and their success at reducing corruption and associated barriers to business growth.

As always any questions, please contact me at your convenience.

World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010

World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009

World Bank’s Doing Business Index 2010

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report 2009

And now our slides.

If  you would to learn more about the rise of the Middle Class across the emerging market countries that we discussed yesterday, please see this post:  A Billion More Customers Coming to A Regional Market Near You


International Meeting Strategy and Cost Saving Tips – MeetingsNet Webinar

Peter Turner, Director Business Development US Market, and Idoia Rodés Torróntegui, Managing Director MCI Brussels, will present tomorrow on two MeetingsNet Webinars on international meetings.

Session 1 – LIVE at 12:00pm ET

Things You Need to Know Before Launching an International Association Meeting

Do you want to launch a meeting outside the U.S., but aren’t quite sure where to start? How do you find the right destination and venue for your group? How do you negotiate with a vendor from another country? How do you market to your potential international audience? And, most important, how do you avoid international meeting planning missteps that could cost you time and money? Attend this best practices webinar to learn how you can find a local partner who can provide insider knowledge and contacts, how to work with international venues, and how you can bring your organization’s meetings into new markets with confidence.

Learn how to:

* Tap into new markets to increase your organization’s meetings revenues

* Choose the right destination and venue for your slice of the international market

* Find a partner that can help you understand the local culture and deal effectively in another country

* Reach your potential overseas attendees with a marketing message that will draw them to your event

* Painlessly negotiate contracts with international suppliers and vendors

Session 2 – LIVE at 1:15pm ET

20 Cost-Saving Techniques for International Association Meetings

Planning a meeting outside the U.S. takes more time. But does it take more money? With proper planning and strategies, you can budget wisely and look for ways to enhance your revenue at the meeting itself. In this webinar you will be given the tools and resources to build a budget for an international meeting.


* How to use local cultural knowledge to your advantage when negotiating for venues and services

* Creative budgeting tips and techniques

* How to make wise decisions regarding foreign-exchange rates

* How to understand and work with Value Added Tax

* How to find sponsors

* How to save on shipping

Please follow this link for registration information or to access the on demand recording of the session.