Monthly Archive: September 2009


So Long G8 Hello G20

If you still needed proof of the power of the rising global economic impact of emerging markets, look no further than today’s announcement in Pittsburg, USA.

The G20 has now become the global commerce coordinating body as we say good bye to the G8.

Here is the Reuters story.


MCI Launches E-Learning Services for Non-US Market


By now the vast majority of US-based associations have developed and deployed their own e-learning products with varying degrees of success.   Until recently the demand within other regional markets in Europe among EU-based associations has been far less bullish.

In this interactive on-line course, Pol Van de Perre, MCI’s director of Education Services and Consulting outlines the various technology options EU based associations can leverage as a cost-effective medium to offer education programs.

The seminar explains how e-learning fits into your overall education portfolio and how it can be an additional and complementary channel. You will find recommendations on how to develop an e-learning strategy, tips to get started with minimum risk and an overview of the required resources.

It outlines how e-learning can serve as an organizational development tool, and as a means to leverage untapped business opportunities. We recommend you take the 20 minutes to follow this on-line course on the link above.

If you want to contact Pol Van de Perre, you can email him at [email protected]