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Designing the “Ultimate” Business Location in the Middle East

An MCI Project representing the government of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Would you like to participate in a study MCI is performing for the government of Abu Dhabi – to attract US and EU based associations to open Middle East offices in Abu Dhabi and/or draw more regional conferences and training programs to its impressive hospitality industry?

Abu Dhabi is a major global economic powerhouse and one of the world’s top oil producers. Its per capita GDP is the highest in the world. The emirate has entered a new era of economic liberalization and modernization that will transform it over the next decade into one of the world’s leading centers of excellence in tourism, culture, infrastructure development and across a wide spectrum of business and social activity.

Abu Dhabi is investing in the latest urban planning as well as impressive strategic plans that include attracting key players, thought leaders to build a presence in Abu Dhabi as a showcase to the world. The government is spending billions of USD to deliver their 2030 Vision and major groups are locating facilities across a host of key industries. As an example they hope to become a thought leader and city showcase for the latest in renewable energy systems and sustainable design.

Here is a short preview of the amazing award-winning development underway in Abu Dhabi.

Contribute your ideas to help shape the business environment, services and incentives that can help you grow your business in the Middle East.

Billions of dollars are being invested in various projects that is transforming this city into “the” Middle East address for business projection.

Sign up to take the upcoming online survey by contacting us privately at the address below for either US or EU based associations.

Ultimately, associations with interests in the Middle East will find the outcome of this study worth their attention.

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