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Jun 25 2014

@CESSE Optimizing Sales Results for Certification, Certificate & Training Businesses

CESSE 2014

Whether you are selling certification in the United States or around the world, learn proven lessons on capturing potential candidates, how to motivate candidate behavior, and mixing education “prep products” to motivate and drive sales. We shall share a “two-pronged” approach to sales, build employer and employee demand and learn how to leverage strategic alliances. Two case studies of two successful programs (one small and one large) will be included. A “reaction panel” will provide reactions and insights from their own experience selling domestically and globally.

Join us in Room 201C at the CESSE Annual Meeting in Spokane Washington for this terrific program.

Marc ThompsonMarc Thompson, Global Business Development Leader, EVP ITPG – Marc oversees the Global Training Division of (ISC)2, which delivers the very popular CISSP review course.  The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)²®, is the global, not-for-profit leader in educating and certifying information security professionals throughout their careers.  Based in Tampa, (ISC)2 is recognized for Gold Standard certifications and world class education programs.  (ISC)2 provide vendor-neutral education products, career services, and Gold Standard credentials to professionals in more than 135 countries. The membership represents an elite network of nearly 90,000 certified industry professionals worldwide.




Murat DoguMurat Dogru, Community and Corporate Relations Manager / EMEA Business Developer, MCI Group – Murat Dogru is responsible for building and managing a sustainable membership/volunteer, subject matter expert and customer community in the ASME European region.  Murat manages the development and implementation of a community management strategy that aims to enhance the involvement, growth and interchange of both stakeholder groups.  This includes managing, driving and developing ASME European Conferences, topical activities to raise the awareness of ASME’s products and services, and conducting business development to grow the European training business.




Jim WarrenJim Warren, CAE, Director, Member Services and Education, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl. –  Jim is a 25 year veteran in developing, marketing and selling technical and management educational products on behalf of associations, private companies and universities. He is responsible for $1.6 million in program revenue across three units — Education, Membership and Foundation.





[important]  Here is the full line up of sessions in the education and training track[/important]

Wednesday, July 16

Solutions Swap – Round Tables

9:50 AM 11:00 AM

Room 201C

High energy fast paced learning! What are your top education and training concerns/challenges of the day? What happens when you have one question, many different solutions and not a lot of time to gain consensus for the best answer to your team’s question? Come and find out! A revamped version of “What’s Your Problem?” We promise at the end, you will have answers!

Effective Needs Assessment: How it Can Make or Break the Success of your Training Programs

11:30 AM 12:30 PM

Room 201C

  • Bill Draves, President, Learning Resources Network (LERN) ;
  • Kevin Perry, Global Manager, Professional Development, SAE International
How do you determine what courses or training programs to develop for your association audience? Conducting a needs analysis before proceeding with program development has become much more critical in the association industry in order to minimize risk and avoid wasting valuable resources. Also, the nature of a program development initiative often drives how sophisticated the needs assessment process should be. This session begins with LERN’s President Bill Draves presenting (via virtual connection) their multi-faceted assessment model. Kevin Perry from SAE International will follow with data he gathered from a sampling of CESSE associations that reveals how they assess member/customer training needs. Ample time will be left for discussion and information sharing so come prepared to talk about your needs assessment techniques and to learn from others.

Social Media Trends: Kool Tools that you Can Use

1:45 PM 3:00 PM

Room 206C

  • Chris Posey, Online Marketing Lead, Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Social media is no longer a corporate pastime or marketing afterthought. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like have moved from intern-burden to budget item. While some organizations have taken the plunge by investing in full-time Community Managers, others opt either to share the load across staff or to hand the baton off to a single IT or Marketing representative or group to juggle along with other responsibilities. This session is designed for those whose plates include a demanding social media schedule as well as…everything else! In this session, we’ll look at creating efficiencies by sharpening social media strategies to a fine, focused point by using some of the Top Tech Tools in Social Media. We’ll also touch on SEO for busy people, so come prepared to share your favorite SEO tech tricks with the audience.

Thursday, July 17

Mega Session: Engaging the 5 Generations in the Workplace

9:30 AM 11:00 AM

Room 111BC

  • Elsa Velasco, University and Student Programs Manager, Society of Exploration Geophysicists ;
  • Norina Columbaro, Senior Manager of Education, ASM International
Is your association as valuable and relevant to a retired member as to a young professional? If you don’t know, join us to learn about the five generations and their value drivers. Come and discover the myths versus the facts within their workplace environment.

Marketing Disruption: Interruption to Inbound/Content Marketing

11:30 AM 12:30 PM

Room 206C

  • Andy Steggles, President & Chief Customer Officer, Higher Logic
Learn about the new age of marketing and how the regular “interruption” marketing is being transformed by the onslaught of “inbound” marketing. The convergence of cloud and social technologies have created the perfect platform for intelligent inbound marketing.  Hear how two associations have moved away from traditional interruption marketing by leveraging their member volunteers to generate online engagement to produce a viable inbound marketing hub.  Discuss some of the more known platforms out there i.e. Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo etc. and some of the pros and cons to each. Learn what Inbound marketing really is and some of the best practices to how it should tie into your AMS/CRM.

Learning When you Need it, Where you Need it: Education in a Mobile World

1:45 PM 3:00 PM

Room 201C

  • Dan Richards, VP of Professional Services, Interactive Advantage ;
  • Ron Wincek, CEO & Founder, Interactive Advantage
Presenters will demonstrate examples running on mobile devices and discuss the challenges and benefits associated with various production methodologies and tools. Topics will include: Responsive interface and functional design, Tracking data from multiple devices and browsers, Optimizing the learning experience, Adaptive assessment, Opening up opportunities for social interaction. The digital landscape is constantly evolving with new web browsers and devices hitting the market every day. Users expect to be able to consume online content on multiple devices how and when they desire. Users also want to interact with instructors and other users in the online environment. Meanwhile, the business needs to be able to control and track who is seeing and accomplishing what. From a technical perspective this creates a challenge. How do we account for the wide variety of screen sizes, resolutions, interaction models, and functional limitations these devices present? It also creates an instructional challenge. How do we optimize the experience per device to make learning easy, personalized and social? Join us to explore these challenges and the opportunities the challenges present.

Jun 16 2014

What Do Successful Associations Do Differently to Grow Globally?

Growers survey

On June 3rd, MCI and the ASAE Foundation released the results of the first year of a multi-year series looking at how successful US associations are growing their business globally. Over 300 associations took part in the first year research effort that uncovered several major trends and common practices among associations who reported growth in membership and product sales in the last three years.

International Member and Product Growth Increasingly Essential to Financial Health

Sixty two percent of associations who indicated that membership and product sales grew in the last three years believe that global growth is either very important or important to their long term financial health.

Growers survey5

Growers Introduce Products into International Markets Much More Frequently

Growers are much more proactive in their activities outside North America, because they:

  • Offer more networking opportunities: 72% versus 46%
  • Host more meetings: 71% versus 45%
  • Run more live professional development: 69% versus 47%
  • Organize more online professional development: 62% versus 55%
  • Offers digital library services: 46% versus 37%
  • Maintain and grow a network of components or chapters: 44% versus 29%
  • Conduct government relations/public affairs activities: 36% versus 16%
  • Enforce industry standards: 32% versus 13%

Growers Conduct International Meetings, Conferences, and face-to-face Training at Significantly Higher Rates than Non-Growers

Seventy one percent of growers reported holding a meeting or convention in one or more markets, and 69 percent reported they are running face-to-face professional development programs. Furthermore, growers are twice as likely as non-growers to hold every type of meeting outside of North America

More Proactive Global Outreach Activities and Practices Lead to Better Financial Growth

Eighty six percent of respondents who have offices outside the United States are growing their membership and products; 2/3’s of respondents have at least one FTE responsible for international business development; and 64% of growers have at least one Board members from outside North America which is almost twice as much as associations who indicated they weren’t growing membership or product sales. Results suggest that those associations who restrict board membership within North America are more likely to report flat membership patterns in the last few years.

Growers survey2

Strategic Partnerships are Vital for Global Expansion and Sustaining Growth

It seems growers and nongrowers all partner with their sister society, but growers in significantly larger numbers expand their partner network to include the local national governments as well as in market commercial partners.

Growers survey3

Future Growth Anticipated from Emerging Markets

Respondents were asked to indicate where they anticipated the greatest growth over the next 3 years. The views among growers and non-growers offer similar yet divergent expectations. Among growers, priority markets are primarily located in the emerging market (China, Brazil and India) while among non-growers, agreement exists about China but they concentrate more focus on countries that represent English-speaking, advanced economies.

Shared Practices among Growers

Finally, our data also uncovered five shared practices among associations who indicated they were growing membership and product sales outside North America.

  1. Growers dedicate greater commitment and effort to global growth.
  2. Growers introduce relevant products and services to international audiences with far greater variety and rates.
  3. Growers work to more tightly integrate global and local operations with the rest of their business.
  4. Growers secure partnerships that open market access and improve local capacity to deliver locally relevant services.
  5. Growers target emerging markets for their future growth.

To receive a copy of the results and report along with info graphics, visit the ASAE Foundation website at this address.


Growers survey4

Jul 26 2013

Recent Changes in UAE Laws Expand Association Business Opportunity

Dubai Assn Centre.All comes together

“Non Profit” Status Now Recognized Eases Rules to Open Independently

Until recently, if you wanted to open your own commercial operation as an association in the Middle East you were treated like any for-profit corporation. You either had to let locals own 51% of your activities and they got a permanent seat on your Board (among other things) or operate through a free zone, which would give you 100% ownership but categorized as a for profit corporation.

For several years, various government organizations including Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing, and MCI Middle East (the MENA region’s leading global association management & consulting company) have been working to gain more favorable recognition of associations by reclassifying their business as “nonprofit” as well as remove the requirement of local ownership in their organizations. The rationale for this treatment presented to local officials were fivefold:

  1. Associations were established in their home markets as nonprofits meaning that any net revenues are reinvested in new programs and services that benefit the members who join their organization;
  2. Associations exist to promote and grow an industry or a profession and offer programs and services that uniquely benefit not only the industry or profession it serves but also society as a whole;
  3. Associations as nonprofit entities do not have owners nor do they offer/sell shares;
  4. Associations have elected volunteer leadership at the global, regional and local levels of management who are not compensated for their efforts to develop new knowledge, programs or services;
  5. Associations are often mission-driven in their desire to serve the public beyond the members.

Local UAE officials began to see they could achieve a stronger position among the world’s association community by lowering barriers to establishing regional HQ nonprofit operations in Dubai to serve the UAE, GCC and MENA.  Such a strategy could position the UAE as a leading business destination for foreign associations in the GCC and MENA.

Toward an Exciting New Reality

Thanks to these efforts the Dubai government has approved laws that would confer nonprofit status for foreign associations as well as remove local ownership requirements so long as they establish their nonprofit business presence in a new facility called the Dubai Association Centre (DAC) located in the heart of Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

US associations will be able to open their own independent office featuring:

  • A business license operating from the Dubai Association Centre as well as office space
  • Visas for staff
  • Ability to open a bank account
  • A legal framework to offer products and services in the local market
  • An opportunity to be part of the Dubai association and corporate community
  • A gateway to key Dubai Government Stakeholders
  • Usage of World Trade Club facilities – Dubai’s oldest Private Club
  • Monthly Association Networking Events
  • Easy access to the market development business services of MCI if required

Dubai as a Business Hub

A leading global and regional business centre, Dubai has over 140,000 companies located in the local market.  Businesses enjoy

  • Tax free business environment
  • A thriving cosmopolitan centre for business, trade, industry and tourism
  • The commercial capital of the UAE
  • One of the world’s most popular destinations for both business and leisure
  • Modern and growing infrastructure
  • A relaxed and pleasant lifestyle
  • Wide choices of spacious, modern accommodation
  • Low crime, multicultural city where freedom of movement is safe and easy for everyone
  • Unique accessibility with direct flights to over 140 destinations
  • Excellent public transport system


Attending ASAE in Atlanta?  Stop by MCI’s booth 1216 to Learn More

Register to Attend A Fall Business Tour to Dubai

Interested association executives will have the chance to travel to Dubai this Fall courtesy of the Dubai Association Centre partners.  Complimentary hotel accommodation and airfare provided by Emirates Airlines will provide executives with an opportunity to experience how the Dubai Association Centre can improve market access for you.

This tour will include:

  1. Meetings with government officials
  2. Private business meetings
  3. Tour of the Dubai Association Centre
  4. Detailed briefing on legislation and regulations governing associations

To learn more about DAC

Contact:  Peter Turner 571.275.1516 or [email protected]


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