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Doing Business in Singapore & Southeast Asia Briefing, Panel and Lunch – Feb 23 and 25

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Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing regions of the world. Revenues of organizations based in this region have grown from 7.5% in 2014 to an estimated 9.3% in 2015. Only China has grown at a more robust rate. More growth for SE Asia is expect in 2016 and beyond.

se asia session

Due to this continued growth, US based associations are finding opportunities to expand into this region, and Singapore has been a natural base for regional outreach. Ranked the world’s number one business-friendly economy in the world according to a report by The World Bank and International Finance Corporation, Singapore is home to over 150 International Organisations and more than 7,000 multi-national companies with regional operations. The strategic location of Singapore connects to the world’s biggest market, with more than 100 airlines flying to 300 countries worldwide and has an access to 4 billion people within a 7- hour flight radius.

The appeal of Singapore to associations, besides its strategic location in Asia, includes the multi-value propositions of a modern cosmopolitan city, excellent connectivity throughout the region and to the rest of the world, state-of-the-art operations and logistics infrastructure, leading edge meeting and convention facilities, strong and stable financial and geo-political status; coupled with its multi-ethnicity and cultural diversity, that offers any newcomer an unforgettable experience and yet provides an environment that is receptive to new influences and the ease of assimilation.

As a nation, Singapore is well-known for its effectiveness, reliability and a consistent enforcer of intellectual property rights; key ingredients for any association keen to establish a presence in Singapore. The government is vastly pro-investment, maintaining a competitive tax strategy and a slew of incentive programmes to encourage and assist in incubating both profit and non-profit organisations.

As Asia’s leading destination for conferences, it comes as no surprise that Singapore was also ranked by the Union of International Associations as the Top International Meeting Country in 2011 and Top International Meeting City for five consecutive years, and Asia’s Top Convention City for twelve consecutive years by the International Congress and Convention Association. With over 50,000 hotel rooms and 50 million passengers passing through the airport, and home to many regional corporate offices, the republic is well poised as a “gateway” to Asia.

Attend a Special Briefing & Panel Feb 23 and 25

If your association is considering expanding into Asia, then you will not want to miss Doing Business in Singapore & Southeast Asia panel discussion and luncheon on:

  • February 23 in Alexandria, VA

  • February 25 in Chicago, IL

Panellists will include executives from American Society for Quality, CFA Institute and American Counseling Association who will share how US associations are growing in the region and the opportunities and ingredients for success. Through presentations and interactive discussions, you will learn successful strategies and concrete examples from organisations that are selling products and organising events in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

This event is free of charge and open to associations only. For more information and to register, please click on the links above for either Chicago or Alexandria Va (Washington DC area).


Coming in August @ASAE Nashville and Chicago – China Healthcare Market Briefing

China HC sector Trends



Understanding Stakeholflorenceder Relations for Chinese Physicians’ Education

In response to our recent subscriber survey, MCI China will be conducting a special briefing for interested US healthcare associations during ASAE’s Annual Meeting in Nashville and later that week in Chicago at the headquarters of the American Health Information Management Association.

  • Monday, August 11th at the Omni Hotel from 4.30-6.00 pm in the Mockingbird 1 Room, Level 3 of the Omni Nashville Hotel (This event does not conflict with the official ASAE AGM program)
  • Thursday, August 14th at the offices of the American Health Information Management Association from 12noon-130pm

The program is open and complimentary to association executives and refreshments will be provided.

You will gain an appreciation of the complex healthcare environment in China, stakeholders involved, and the roles of these stakeholders in ensuring better patient care. While healthcare demands are expected to continue its growth, China is grappling with issues like increasing healthcare expenditure, strained doctor-patient relationship, and compliance and more. Regardless of the issues, the best quality patient care remains top priority and this is where continuing education for physicians is of paramount importance.

Frequent industry speaker and contributor Ms. Florence Chua, MCI China, Director of Association Management and Consulting will share her insights to the above and highlight opportunities that are available for international healthcare associations to get involved, and be a part of the evolving healthcare community in China.


[important] To register for the ASAE Nashville Briefing on August 11th, sign up here. [/important]

[important] To register for the Chicago Briefing at AHIMA HQ in Chicago on August 14th, please sign up here. [/important]

For more information or to register, please contact Peter Turner at [email protected].

India and China Market Opportunities Highlighted at ASAE International Conference 2012





Two popular sessions focusing on the market potential of India and China drew large audiences of association executives this week at the ASAE International Conference 2012 in Washington DC.  Two of MCI’s senior consultants who live and work in these markets were on hand to present a first hand look at the dynamics and what is needed to succeed as these countries try to close the skills gap needed to compete in a 21st century global marketplace.


Tarnbir Kaur, MENA & India Director- Association Management & Consulting, MCI Dubai & Mumbai Offices presented a session entitled “Land of Opportunity and Challenge: Build and Expand Business in India”  spoke how India will soon surpass China to become the largest and youngest market for US association training and education in the next 10-15 years.

Associations considering this emerging market will first need to understand the opportunities and business environment as well as learn the fiscal and legal regulations governing US associations operating in India.  Her presentation offered a concise overview of the market potential, the key initial steps one should take and the biggest challenges to be expected as you expand into India.

Following her session, Tarnbir was interviewed capturing some of the key aspects of her presentation.
Here is her presentation deck.


Maria Tong, Senior Account Director, AM&C, MCI China, MCI Group presented a session entitled “Working with the Chinese Government: Pathways to Gaining Market Access & Building Demand.”  Maria shared that Chinese authorities are an essential stakeholder for association success as they determine the volume of success you can achieve based on how they support or restrict your efforts.

One needs to discover the key government agencies in China, their purpose, and why they may be a good partner. She urged the audience to identify what is of foremost interest to the government to continue its growth and development in order to adjust your engagement strategy.

Maria shared more of her thoughts and recommendations from her session in this post session interview.
To view her entire presentation, find it here.