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Feb 06 2008

Making Business Sense of Climate Change – A Green Meeting Guide

Looking for a way to evaluate, track and improve how your meeting and tradeshow carbon footprint can be reduced over time?

Vanessa Cotton and I reprised for another session on Tuesday at MPI’s PEC NA in Houston on the topic of “making a business case for developing a sustainable strategy” for meetings and events from a planner and supplier perspective.

We presented a case study featuring one of MCI’s clients and how MCI led them through our “sustainable services” methodology along with the use of a “green meeting calculator” that feeds to a database for benchmarking your footprint against other events.

This effort led to the client choosing ExCel London for an upcoming congress because of its advances in sustainable business services for meetings. They actually have a worm farm that converts waste to compost as a new revenue streams.

For more on developing a sustainability strategy for your meetings or to use the green meeting calculator, select the link under Green Meetings off the column of web links to the right and click on “sustainability services and green meetings.”

Slides from the above presentation are here.

Feb 05 2008

From Mega Trends to Association Trends to Meeting Trends

MPI PEC North America in Houston was a location for this presentation on how key MegaTrends affect associations and their events. I presented along with my UK colleague Vanessa Cotton of ExCel in London.

Here is the session overview:


  • Global Economy
  • Demographic Shifts
  • Science and Technology Advancements
  • Sustainability
  • Open vs Closed System

Association Trends

  • Global Strategy
  • Standard Product Development
  • Business Metrics & Measures
  • Customer Attention Deficit
  • ISO Credible Sources
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Regionalization (Planning/Infrastructure)
  • Hot Regions

Association Meeting Trends

  • Alliance and partnership development – ongoing conf business (co-branding, outreach, BD, sponsor channels)
  • Product development process – event business strategy, end user integration
  • Customer “value add” experience design – mapping before, during and after experiences
  • Digitizing and monetizing conference content – taking face 2 face content and distributing it more widely

This version does not contain builds and embedded video.