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Aug 12 2016

It’s Seldom Only about Membership

GEI 5 segment typology

The public report from the Global Engagement Index 2016 was released today along with a companion white paper on recommendations for action.  Collected from nearly 9,000 non-US respondents from the members and customers from 15 associations, the GEI opens a window into new thinking about growing and sustaining business around the world.

Among findings was the introduction of an “engagement typology” representing the different “types” of members and customers based on their own survey responses to questions that uncover empirical evidence about how they view the strength of their relationship to their association and how “engaged” they are.

For the first time, GEI2016 introduces a five-level engagement model categorizing members and customers:

  1. Passive—a prospect or potential customer, or a “pure member” who pays dues but is otherwise uninvolved or disengaged with the association.

  2. Open—a person who has interest in the association’s products, services, and member benefits, but has purchased or participated only in a limited fashion.

  3. Active—someone who is engaging with the association in some way, such as attending a meeting or purchasing a product.

  4. Loyal—someone who repeatedly interacts with the association and purchases/uses its products and services on a regular basis.

  5. Multiplier—a strong promoter and supporter of the association who eagerly brings others into the fold.

One critical insight is that members who dont buy products are significantly more likely to be “passive” or having the worst relationship with the association.  This suggests that a membership first strategy dooms the relationship in the long run.

Download the public report now for more.

Jul 28 2016

New Benchmark Index Study Measuring Engagement & Relationship Strength Debuts

EI logo

For the first time ever, association executives will be able to better understand how relationship strength impacts the ability to improve engagement with members and customers through empirical data.


MCI along with its partner FairControl (a German-based global market research firm), launched the Global Engagement Index to measure the performance, relationship strength and outcome of engagement tactics as seen through the eyes of associations’ customers and members, allowing like-minded associations to benchmark their performance against that of 15 leading brands across multiple sectors.

MCI and FairControl were joined by: American Concrete Institute, American Institute of CPAs, APICS, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society for Clinical Pathology, ASIS International, American Society for Quality, American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Facility Management Association, International Society of Automation, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Material Research Society, NACE International, and the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

We sought to understand:

  • How strong is the relationship with members and customers outside of the US?

  • What is impacting for good or bad the quality of these relationships?

  • What resources deliver the most value and impact engagement the most?

  • How relevant is the value proposition to the needs of local members and customers?

  • What levels of engagement are there and how do members and customers fit into this model?

GEI construction

With GEI, we now have dedicated data and measures that can be utilized to answer these questions and help association executives adapt existing strategy and operational resources to be more effective at building and nurturing relationships that convert financially and sustainably.


The sample size of the GEI is substantial, more than 123,000 non-US contacts were invited to respond to the survey through contact lists, who were invited to respond to the survey in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese. Nearly 9,000 respondents from around the world ultimately completed the survey. Through an innovative crowd-funded model, the 15 participating associations will gain in-depth data and feedback as to how their global community perceives their value, relevance and engagement efforts and where they stand comparative to the Index.

Interviews GEI

The complete public findings and recommendations will be released next month during ASAE’s annual meeting.  An overview article meanwhile can be found here:  Global Engagement Index 2016.

To obtain a copy during the show, please visit the MCI booth #1620.

Apr 29 2014

Half Day Workshop – Rethinking Membership as a Global Engagement Strategy – May 8th Chicago

Global engagementCan a traditional “one size fits all” approach to membership or product sales deliver bottom-line results in a world marketplace where the most highly successful businesses deliver customer experiences of equal value around the world?

The time has come for associations to catch up to the realities of today’s consumer habits and reconsider how and why people around the world engage with organizations they feel deliver value.

Defining what members and customers value is the same as being locally relevant.   It is all about how the features and benefits of membership and products can deliver tangible return for an individual’s career or organization’s business performance.  Local relevance is what makes a global brand compelling no matter where you are in the world.  It’s what stimulates demand and engagement.

What are the essential ingredients to growing business globally?   How if anything are they different from attracting and serving domestic members and customers?

Join Nikki Walker, MCI vice president for association management & consulting, as we explore answers to these questions and provide strategic concepts, benchmark data, real world success stories, and exchange ideas that can help associations find a path to relevance.  This half-day workshop is part of the Association Forum of Chicagoland education portfolio for 2014, and it is presented in association with Emirates Airlines and the Dubai Convention Bureau.

For deeper background on the subject of “rethinking membership engagement” please read this earlier post from Nikki Walker.

After attending this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Customize the workshop to your needs by completing a pre-workshop survey
  • Learn and compare how 6,000 members and customers from other associations perceive value from the MCI Global Satisfaction Index conducted in 2013
  • Gain insights from a panel of association executives from ACCP, SCCM and ASSE on how they deliver relevance and promote engagement around the world and how is this different than serving members and customers domestically
  • Understand what is essential to define market potential and customer insight
  • Hear about an association case study that is out-performing sales KPIs by driving relevant brand awareness through an integrated regional strategy

For more information, follow this link.