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Oct 04 2016

October 4th Webinar On Demand Recording – AWWA Creating Community – Better India Through Better Water

On October 4th, David LaFrance CEO from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Gaurav Sood from AWWA India shared their insights gained from the first year developing community in India.

AWWA developed a Strategic Framework with the objective of expanding into seven priority markets with a mission statement “Better World Through Better Water” and opened its first office outside of North America, in Mumbai India in 2015. This session aims to share insights into both the opportunities and challenges faced by a US association in penetrating the India market and lessons learned.

In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll understand:

  • AWWA’s overview and strategy for entering India

  • Getting traction in the Indian market – initial steps and financing the effort

  • Establishing the infrastructure – working with local volunteer leaders and governance

  • Being locally relevant – gathering market insights, establishing the brand, and building network

  • Daily operations – planning the action and acting the plan


MCI thanks David LaFrance for contributing his time and insight.



Please find a copy of the slide deck here.


Jun 27 2016

Navigating the EU-US Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation – Latest on What US Associations Need to Know


The past months have seen two key developments in the field of data privacy in Europe which are set to a have a significant impact on Associations operating in both the US and Europe that handle personal data; the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the General Data Protection Regulation.



The EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, while still at a drafting stage compared to the now defunct Safe Harbour Framework, and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, a 200-page piece of legislation that will come into effect in 2018, introduce stronger obligations and Increased fines for breaches.

The recent vote in Britain to leave the EU does not diminish the importance of these issues as there will be a mandatory two year minimum period in which the UK remains a member of the EU while an exit is negotiated. During this time all existing legislation (including GDPR) will continue as before.


MCI Brussels and Globalaw, a leading global legal network of 110 firms with over 4,500 lawyers in over 165 cities, will host a LIVE webinar on Tuesday, 12 July at 1000 am EDT.   

Essential information on the key changes expected in privacy rules, the repercussions of the GDPR, the costs of non-compliance and how Associations operating in both the US and Europe can best adapt in this transitional phase will be discussed by a panel of legal experts from the US and EU.

Featured Speakers

karen m

Karin McGinnis, Attorney, Member, Moore & Van Allen, PLLC,  USA


Susanne Klein LL.M., Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer), GÖHMANN Rechtsanwälte, Germany



Dr. Benno Barnitzke, Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), GÖHMANN Rechtsanwälte, Germany

 Key Topics to be addressed:

  1. Setting the scene: the Privacy Shield and the GDPR

  2. US and European Perspectives on the Schrems Case   (The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued the final ruling in Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner (Case C-362/14) on October 6, 2015. The Court invalidated the Safe Harbor arrangement, which governs data transfers between the EU and the US.)

  3. Transatlantic Data Transfers: Challenges and Alternative Tools to Safe Harbour

  4. The General Data Protection Regulation: the Issue of Consent

  5. Looking Ahead: Practical Steps for US Associations

Time will be reserved for questions.

To Register for the July 12 LIVE Webinar

Register now for this important session while seats last from the Globalaw website!   Follow this link to register.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Dec 03 2015

Reactions to ASAE Foundation Global Management Series – Special Focus on China

China 4 innovations


Recently, McKinsey issued a report on China’s potential for innovation versus where they are today. China’s need to rely less on low cost manufacturing and more on innovation-based economic strategies will need to contribute up to half of its GDP growth by 2025 ( $3 trillion – $5 trillion annually).

To get there China must improve its performance across the four “archetypes” of innovation where China’s record is not always strong:  customer-centricity, efficiency-driven, engineering and science-based innovations.  It is the latter two that China lags behind and why associations offer good channels to collaborate.

  • China’s large and dynamic market gives it an edge in customer-focused innovation. Chinese
    innovators use China’s massive consumer market to commercialize new ideas quickly. Chinese consumers enable innovation by accepting early iterations of products and services and providing feedback for rapid refinement.
  • China’s manufacturing ecosystem enables efficiency-driven China radar graphinnovation. China has the
    world’s most extensive manufacturing ecosystem, with more than five times the supplier base of
    Japan, 150 million manufacturing workers, and modern infrastructure.
  • Accelerated learning is essential for engineering-based innovation. Purchasing bygovernment-owned enterprises, facilitation of technology transfers, and introduction of market
    discipline are accelerating learning needed for engineering-based innovation.
  • Chinese companies are trying to catch up in science-based innovation using novel
    approaches. The government push to raise R&D spending, train scientists, and file for patents has
    yet to give China a lead in science-based innovation.

 ASAE Study Shows US Associations Must Be More Deliberate & Engaged in China

According to our first year research study with ASAE Foundation “Achieving Global Growth,” 57 percent of respondent associations growing internationally and 47 percent of those who experienced declining or flat membership and product sales internationally identified China as one of the top markets for expected growth in the next three years.

Yet, year two study found that many associations weren’t fully committing themselves to China.  They didn’t have a formal strategy adopted.  They weren’t conducting local marketing/communication and social media in China to activate demand properly.  And they weren’t happy with the partners they chose.

Insights from a China Insider

We recently sat down with Florence Chua, senior director of association management and consulting for MCI China.   In this short two part podcast interview she offers insights into what associations should understand about making commitments and engaging for growth in China.